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Nothing gets up close and personal like your razor, that’s why it’s important for it to have a smooth ride across your skin. Our shaving soap lathers beautifully when you whip it up with a shaving brush, and the bentonite clay provides great razor slip. When using a shaving brush: Wet brush and swirl in circular motion on soap puck to create a lather before spreading it onto your skin before shaving. Without shaving brush: Take the soap puck into your hands and rub to create a lather to spread over skin before shaving, or use directly on area you'd like to shave.

Shaving Puck | Shaving Soap

  • • Ingredients: Unscented: hydrogenated soybean oil (soy wax) water (distilled water) cocos nucifera (coconut oil) potassium hydroxide (lye) theobroma cacao (cocoa butter) ricinus communis (castor oil) sodium hydroxide (lye) glycerin (vegetable glycerin) bentonite (bentonite clay)

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